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when to use kein, keine, keinen in german

No, I have no hunger.). He’s not sleeping. – She doesn’t eat apples. tonight. German Language Stack Exchange is a bilingual question and answer site for speakers of all levels who want to share and increase their knowledge of the German language. For all other cases, you have to use “nicht”. Was the explanation provided incorrect? – Do you have a son? When do we use “Auf Wiedersehen” and “Tschüss”? Nobody has asked me. (lit. When someone is asking you in German for a particular noun, for example, when you are asked if you have or posses something, e.g. / No, I don’t have a pen. ), der Mann (masculine; the man) – kein Mann (no man) / No, I don’t have a son. Regards, Ich habe ein Auto. "Kein"/"nicht" does not imply any difference in terms of length of time. Do you have hunger?). - Ich habe kein Auto. Sie isst einen Apfel. Astable multivibrator: what starts the first cycle, How to make my own professional book step-by-step( there is a course or a book that I didn't find?). I can’t praise ‘transparent language ‘ enough .. You have helped me enormously with my German studies. Sandra. “I have no …” – Negations with “kein/keine/keinen/etc.”. 1. This quote is from the following page: 6. If a person is dressed up as non-human, and is killed by someone who sincerely believes the victim was not human, who is responsible? Please note, that you can only negate you statement with kein when the noun you are talking about is either used without articles or with indefinite articles. We use nicht: at the ende of a sentence with verbs in simple tenses i.e. Nein, ich habe keinen Sohn. Sie isst keinen Apfel. Why does Lovecraft write that Mount Nansen (approx. Nein, ich habe keinen Stift. Use “kein” if what you are negating is a noun preceded by ein/eine a noun not preceded by any article "Wir trinken keinen Wein". / No, I don’t have time. The only negative is why you call some verbs an ‘expression’ . Why do people call an n-sided die a "d-n"? It’s written up there “Er trinkt Kaffee / Er trink keinen Kaffee”, so III.person singular suffix omitted (Er trink keinen…) in the verb when sentence negatively formed? When to use “gibt es” and “es gibt”, respectively? I mistakenly revealed name of new company to HR of current company. There are only three options used for negating in German: nein, nicht or kein. She eats no apples. (lit. As in, "Ich trinken nicht Wasser". Haben sie einen Sohn? Can you explain to me how I can know, as clearly as I know my native English, why this should be keiner and not keine? Further, I am inclined to encourage you to speak German in every situation. A noun that is used in the plural without an article is made negative using keine. 4. When would one use “Zahl” and when “Anzahl”? You have to use “kein” to negate nouns which are indefinite - which in a positive statement have the article “ein” or which have no article. 9000 ft.) is 15,000 feet high? For the latter, you would usually add the time span, though. If what you are negating is a noun, “nicht” or “kein” (or “keine,” “keinen” etc.) 5. the present or past tense. – Do you have children? – No, I have no son. Sie isst keine Äpfel. Thank you so much this really helped me a lot <3. I enquired as to why kein was used, not 'nicht'.I was told that nicht is a temporary no, while kein deals with longer time periods. How can you trust that there is no backdoor in your hardware? He drinks no coffee.). Hast du einen Stift? die Frau (femeine; the woman) – keine Frau (no woman) Er trink keine Tasse Kaffee. I can’t understand difference between kein and keine, @Lavanya The difference is in the grammatical gender, the number (and also in the grammatical case. It's 100% free, no registration required. Thus, I am always willing to keep my explanations about German grammar comprehensible and short. Nein, ich habe keine Kinder. God bless . Let’s take a look! will precede the noun. German is a godsend in it use of ‘kein’ and its various forms. – Are you hungry? 3. Nein, Ich habe keine Schwester. – She isn’t eating an apple. Which verbs is the kein form used with? Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. It's what people in beer-brewing regions say to express that they never drink wine. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy, and our Terms of Service. ), Er trink keinen Kaffee. I just need help and encouragement. Nicht can be placed in different parts of a sentence depending on what we want to negate or emphasise. das Kind (neuter; the child) – kein Kind (no child), die Männer (the men) – keine Männer (no men), Using Social Media to Learn a Language, Advanced English learners looking to sharpen listening and reading comprehension skills, this course is for you!……, Create custom language learning activities for listening, speaking, reading, and writing in a couple of clicks. But when and how to use which one can be a tiny bit confusing, as they work a little differently than their English counterparts. Don’t be scared by the endings, once you learn them, you will see that this word covers many English uses, so that the (English speaking) learner of German sees that they dont have to bother much thinking about the subtilties between the English uses, because in German these subtilties simply don’t exist. – No, I have no pen. – Do you have a pen? – Do you have a sister? Er trinkt eine Tasse Kaffee. Were any IBM mainframes ever run multiuser? Is the answer correct? – He isn’t drinking a cup of coffee. I still don’t get it, What is the difference of keine and keinen? Is it simply a matter of memorizing the genders of the words, and then whether they are Nominative, Accusative, Dative and Genitive? Create custom lessons in any language, at any level in just 1-2 hours. GERMAN FAQ: When to use KEIN and NICHT in German - YouTube

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