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roommate theft laws

What do I do if I try to kick out a roommate and he/she tries to kill me? Regardless of their answer, they’re now aware you know it’s missing and, if they didn’t take it, can help you find it. % of people told us that this article helped them. When it comes time to make your own decisions about insurance, find a local ERIE agent in your neighborhood. If everything has its own spot, you’ll have a visual map of where everything should be. Last Updated: December 4, 2019 For more tips from our co-author, including how to set ground rules for your dangerous roommate in the meantime, read on. Sometimes roommates can leave you holding a lot of baggage, both figuratively and literally. Refer to the company licensure and states of operation information. Do you suspect your roommate is stealing your stuff? How do I kick out a dangerous roommate if she really wants to kill me? If your landlord is unsympathetic, it may be best to simply break the lease and move out yourself. She received her MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Marquette University in 2011. Many security cameras are under $100. If you suspect your roommate is stealing from you, casually mention that you noticed an item was missing. ERIE Medicare supplement products are not available in the District of Columbia, New York and Wisconsin. Your first thought should be to make claim on your insurance. Lauren Sovisky Don’t keep any valuables in your car, and if you do, keep them out of plain sight. Likewise, if your roommate is throwing a party or inviting friends over that you may not trust, locking your door is an easy way to prevent strangers from entering without your permission. Related Resources: How to Deal With a Roommate Moving Out (FindLaw) I was in hopes I may be able to get some advice on handling this situation. My roommate file a theft charge on me what do I do? These options will be best if avoidance seems like the best way to avoid a dangerous situation. "All good tips. ERIE life insurance and annuity products are not available in New York. (You. Re: roommate theft. Then, depending on whether your roommate poses an imminent threat of physical violence or is only potentially dangerous, you can take different approaches to make sure that you no longer live together. College campus parking lots are often packed with cars, making them a tempting venture for thieves. This article has been viewed 114,155 times. Can I get a housemate removed if she and her boyfriend are constantly fighting, have had the police called on them, and have done damage to property? States typically require that the tenant provide proof (such as a protective order) of her status as a domestic violence victim. Depending on the circumstances (and the specifics of your policy), your stolen stuff could be covered under your or your parents’ auto or homeowners insurance; or your own auto or renters insurance. Penalties can range between 90 days in jail for the smaller offenses up to seven years in prison for major theft. Remember that your living space is important. Section 8 tenants. It depends on when the person's property is considered abandoned under the law. Kicking out a dangerous roommate involves careful planning and awareness of your legal rights as far as your rental agreement goes. It is missing from a known place at a known time and the theft coverage should apply, unless the roommate is … Lending out your keys or swipe cards can also put your items at risk. Having a messy space makes it easier for you to misplace valuables. Learn more about. So, a landlord cannot refuse to rent (or terminate) solely because the person is a victim of domestic violence. This will be useful if there is a real likelihood that your roommate will respond violently. Don’t automatically accuse your roommate if something is missing. No one should have to live with a dangerous roommate, but thankfully, you don’t have to deal with the situation alone. Oct 20, 2010 #2 Being investigated for a crime you did not commit is not exactly fun but you are right that, as the roommate, you would be a logical suspect and one the police would want to question. Highly manipulative people often feign agreeableness or make promises to change that they do not intend to keep. If you're. quincy Senior Member. My roommate moved to Denver Colorado from San Antonio Texas back in October 2014 and I stayed in the apartment with his 17 year old daughter but his other daughter came down as well and things just got really out of hand crazy because of her mental state so I moved out in January of 2015. When first moving in with your new roomie, be sure to discuss what you feel comfortable with borrowing or lending. The moment you’re away and snap that poolside pic, a would-be thief could sneak in and grab what they know is there waiting. company licensure and states of operation information. If your spare bedroom or garage is full of your ex-roommate's stuff, you may be wondering when it's safe to get rid of it. It can help to have a new tenant all lined up to move in so that your landlord knows that you will still be able to pay rent. There are usually significant fees for breaking a lease, but if your roommate is dangerous and you want to avoid getting authorities involved, it could be a good option. Do not insinuate that you can legally kick your roommate out or make false claims about your landlord mandating that everyone move out (if this is not the case). The insurance products and rates, if applicable, described in this blog are in effect as of August 2018 and may be changed at any time. If the danger is that your roommate will act out of anger from not being spoken to directly, or he/she has not demonstrated much actual violence against you, try simply handling the situation on your own. It is worth getting a fresh start with new roommates, because no one should have to suffer the uncertainty of a dangerous roommate. In the meantime, ask your friends, family, and coworkers if you can stay with them until the situation is resolved. Related Resources: How to Deal With a Roommate Moving Out (FindLaw) Choose your battles wisely and remember that the less you dispute, the less conflict you'll face. Get outside support, like police assistance and legal action, to oversee the eviction and move out. Only confront your roommate if you have proof or strong evidence. Since he was your roommate there is no way for law enforcement to determine whose stuff is whose. If the worst does happen, that’s when you’ll be glad to have the right insurance. If your car – or a valuable inside – is stolen, notify campus or local police immediately. The key term you're looking for is joint and/or several liability. If it's your house, tell her she has to leave. Theft by roommate 05-16-2005, 04:01 PM. If something isn’t there, you’ll be able to spot it more quickly. So, if you want as little contact as possible going forward, tell your roommate that you're willing to talk only if it is absolutely necessary for logistical purposes. Give them specific details of your roommate’s behavior and provide any evidence you have. There are many ways to find a roommate. Hurricane Prep Checklist: 28 Things to Do Before a Hurricane, 5 Customized Emergency Kits to Weather Any Disaster, College students – and many 20-somethings – often find themselves with a roommate or two. Tenant laws vary with each state, and your local courts will have information on the specific steps that must be taken to evict your roommate. If the missing item or items was expensive, notify campus or local police and file an official report. If you're unsure about your responsibilities, or if an ex-roommate or former tenant is suing you over abandoned property, you may want to consult with an experienced landlord-tenant attorney to figure out your best move. On the first of the month I left my apt under the conditions of mice and bed bugs. Negotiate possible ground rules, knowing that you must be willing to compromise if your roommate makes requests that are ultimately geared toward him/her leaving in a timely manner. However, be careful when you ask them to leave. Serial numbers can be used to verify ownership if there’s a dispute. It might help to bring someone over to support you. Tell them that you strongly suspect your roommate is responsible for the theft. She provides therapy to people who struggle with addictions, mental health, and trauma in community health settings and private practice.

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