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is barkbox worth it

I refuse to do business with companies that don’t value their customers enough to provide a decent level of service. No, she means that once the 12-month subscription ends, they automatically re-enroll you for another year and charge your credit card $219 again. Curious to how big of parcel we will be receiving. BarkBox prices vary depending on how long you sign-up for. Not only are their products creative, funny, amazing, and tailored for dogs (not their humans), but their customer service is ridiculous. All 4 dogs loved the toys and went crazy for the treats. If they don’t value me, I’ll do business with a company that does value me. Is BarkBox worth it? But a slim herding type very fast dog and usually takes about 30 min. or contact me for info! Meg Marrs First bark box has nice toys & nice treats. I see, yes, that sounds pretty frustrating! We value each box at around $40–let’s unpack January’s “Vikings of Valhowla” box as an example of what BarkBoxes are made of: Beneath the museum-worthy wrapping paper/Mad Libs game and wearable pop-out viking helmet for you social media gurus(the designers seriously outdo themselves), we might f… You realize this is not Bark Boxes site right? When I signed up our dogs I chose the Medium Box because we have 4 dogs of 3 different sizes. It was my fault for not reading it correctly. I immediately jumped on the live chat and had our next box switched to the Super Chewer! There must have a mistake with the Warehouse pups. PURE JUNK! I know a little beagle mix the exact same way (who I use to pet sit). The hard plastic can cause a dog to choke so, I was grateful to be home that day and took all the pieces away to avoid serious injury to my dog. The longer you sign up for, the better the price. I regret ever subscribing to Bark Box and if I could change things…..I would never have subscribed and would have used the money at Pet Smart. 91 Comments. In addition to their neat doggy subscription service, it’s also worth noting that BarkBox…. Hope that helps . They’re all just boring hunks of solid rubber he wants nothing to do with. Each month they stated OK we will fix this, each month a stuffed toy. Beth, when you chatted with them, did you tell them to set you up for the heavy chewers option? Please make sure you understand – when committing to a 6 month or 12-month plan, you are committed to paying those months. The way it was set up didn’t show any discounts off the subtotal, and I didn’t even bother to look at the total because the subtotal was $180. If asked, “Is BarkBox worth it?” these reviewers would give a resounding, “Yes!”. BONUS COUPONS: Order from BarkBox with this link and coupon code K9OFMINE to get 1 FREE BarkBox month added to your subscription! Be SUPER careful before you sign up for BarkBox. BARKBOX IS A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME AND NOTHING BUT GARBAGE. Had to email to correct a couple errors I made in the order, got a reply back fixing the problem within 12 hours – on a weekend. Positive note – the treats! I checked with my friends on facebook yesterday. And so sorry that you did not get a response right away. Actually in order for a recurring payment to be setup you have to agree to it. There is stuffing everywhere. Appears it only cancelled my next years renewal!! Both were wheat, soy, and corn and grain-free. In the case of BarkBox this includes toys and treats that follow a theme each month. I was giving the other 2 dog’s treats and she wanted the toy and dropped the treats so the it was a thrill for me to see my 3 dog’s all excited to see what they were getting. For what I paid for this box the toys should last more then 10 minutes!! Feel free to chat live with our team at or email me personally at [email protected] . The “Stink, Steak, Stunk” are freeze-dried beef lung and the “Chew on this Pork” have pork liver as their first ingredient. They are not geared for big dogs. Have emailed them 3 times and NO response. Can you email me personally and include the email address which your account is under so I can handle this for you. 6 min read The person who I was cooresponding with was quite the salesman and assured me, my dog would not tear up the toys and if he did they would be replaced. Roast Beast “Stink, Steak, Stunk” and “Chew on This Pork”. Vanessa, Thank you for the comment! VERY DISAPPOINTED!! I tried many times to resolve the issue, including cancelling my 6 month subscription, but all they wanted was my money. But why would you want to get your dog cheap, not good quality things?? Very disappointed and going back to just giving him cow bones. Don’t support Barkbox, they are scammers. I’ve gotten nothing but wonderful service both times I’ve been signed up. Thanks for the reply but my concern is more about the reports of terrible customer service than it is about the value of the product. I emailed them this morning and am waiting to hear from them about this.. I’ll be really disappointed if they don’t correct this issue, that’s a pretty hefty sum of money to overcharge someone for something like a Barkbox. Please review what you are doing. They have “free box” promotions and “cancel anytime” all over their website, but come to find out, they add the “free” boxes to the end of the subscription, but since it is an auto-renewing subscription there is no end. I’m happy to report he’s only destroyed one of the six. I cancelled because I stopped fostering, and my one small dog was then collecting way too many toys and treats, and the stuffed toys don’t last. It was her favorite. You have successfully joined our pup pack. This is not exclusive to big dogs, I’m starting to believe it’s just a dog-personality type unrelated to size. However, in the last few months, I have noticed a big decline in the quality of the products you provide. I’m super excited to see what comes in that box and will update with a new review when it comes. 9 more (plus me) will not continue with our subscriptions if the quality continues at current levels. Can you email me at [email protected] so I can take care of this for you? Best expirience. NOPE – never happened. If you regularly buy your dog treats and toys, it’s likely that BarkBox is a good value and worth giving a try.

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