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Example: You start your first free play and finish level 50 so you get 5 points and the target level increases to 60. This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. You get no additional points for completing any level beyond the target level. Episode 4: A Feast Fit for Penelope; B. Dave and Erin talk about the lore behind the Feast of the Moon event in Idle Champions - as well as the newest Champion Penelope “Half-Pint”. Access the shop in the top left of the screen and enter the code for Hitch sent in an email. You'll have a big favor gain in the morning! 1 guide. More Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms Wiki, Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms Wiki. The midpoint of summer is a time of feasting and love, marked by dalliances, betrothals, and (traditionally) good weather. You need to trade a full time gate set to unlock the third champion. Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. Top Shelf ~ Buffs the damage of champions at the top of each column by 50%, capping at 2000%. The Grand Tour of the Sword Coast is the first main campaign of Idle Champions and is where you will begin your tutorial mission. At the start of the game you'll find you can't progress all that far and that many champions will be too expensive to buy. ... Unlock 3 event Champions. Equal Opportunity ~ Increases the damage of Jarlaxle by 100% if Jarlaxle is adjacent to at least 3 unique races. Idle Champions is a worthy entry into the idle genre, where it provides just enough depth and strategy to keep it from just becoming another idle game. Well kinda...I'm sure I muddled stuff up in certain places and I hope that you guys can maybe find some places to improve upon, but as is, I hope you find it helpful! Subscribe to the Newsletter and get Hitch! It's a night of celebration and general merriment, but watch your coat pockets, unless you prefer to have candy exchanged for your coin. Room to Work ~ Increases the damage of Jarlaxle by 100% if there is no one directly in front of him. Defeat 2,500 ... Unlock an event Champion. This currency will let you get new champions and event gear for already existing champions by completing special variants. Time Gates are a new feature that allow you to obtain champions from previous events as well as gather 2 gold chests for said champion. Helm's Favor is the blessing currency. Spare Dagger ~ Adds a thrown dagger to Hitch's basic attack. The party is recruited by one of Waterdeep's merchant guilds to look into a number of mysterious ship disappearances over the past year. While most folks are warm in their homes exchanging gifts and celebrating the midpoint of winter with friends and family, your party has been tasked by the infamous Harpells with patrolling the outskirts of town to protect against ne'er-do-wells. Access the menu in the top right of the screen. These portals, or Time Gates as they were known, were powerful creations of magic that have become lost to time. Ahghairon's Day is a Waterdhavian holiday commemorating the birthday of the famous, long-ago "Wizard Lord" of Waterdeep. Frenzy ~ Jamilah's basic attack hits one additional target at 50% the original damage. Event adventures require event tokens, which can be collected by killing enemies. Many small rituals are held throughout the day: the Lords toast Ahghairon and the Watchful Order, and guildmasters toast the Lords in Ahghairon s name. Gather your party and secure the local drinking establishment against deviants and pickpockets. In this event you can unlock Diath, a Human Rogue! Long ago, there were ways to travel through time within Toril. Your party has been hired to hunt down this ruiner-of-holidays and recover the stolen sustenance. All the points gotten by all the players are added together. When the sum becomes greater then a the amount need for the next dice the number next to the bar is increased and the bar resets to empty. Gold Epic Padded Leather Vest of Hamster Perches, On free-plays one must hit the target level. Luckily the easiest thing to unlock in an event is the champion and only requires reaching level 50. Every day the target level goes down by 50 (to a minimum of 50). The only ability Asharra has is the one granted by her Specialization. Loyalty ~ Increases the health of Arkhan by 50% if there are 2 champions in the column behind him.

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