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hoof reaper schematic

So wanting to build this! I can't find 2N5089......what it is can change with anoter else? Cool! Thanks for answering Travis, I'm thinking about use the components that I already have, but as you said, that's significant point.. thanks, You could try to simulate leakage with a resistor between the base and collector. Hope this helps someone! 1k seems to be the smallest, which still is 1000ohms, right? What effect does the 100pf cap have on the tone of the octave pedal on its own? The Hoof has become the go-to fuzz for many well-known fuzz connoisseurs. It is meant for the hobbyist (so commercial use of any of these layout is not allowed without permission) and as a way to give back to the online DIY community. when the fuzz pot is all the way up, an horrible noise is coming. That's ok because the treble is just about perfect anyway.With the MP38 I am getting a really good "vocal-like" tone which is less buzzy and harsh than the average TB. It was originally released as a special limited run item back in 2010 and demand was so high that we decided to reintroduce it back into our line. I really like this pedal. Anyone know how to fix this? Someone tested these?Thanks. This comment has been removed by the author. I'm not sure why you can't find 100k linear lots, but you can get them here for cheap. Controls. Maybe that cap labelled 471J should be 4.7nF? I'm probably gonna put a small resistor before the pot to keep some resistance on there even when the fuzz is on full. Is it possible to make it a "Cloven Hoof Reaper" with the modifications you explained on the Hoof layout ? Input jack goes to the Octave 3PDT in, then run the Octave 3PDT out to the Reaper 3PDT in, then run the Reaper 3PDT out to the Hoof 3PDT in, and the Hoof 3PDT out to the output jack. I think something is off with the build. The tone stack in the MKIII is not like the one in the BMP. Thanks for all these great layouts, my project list is getting huge. Thank you very much for everything, very kind and sorry for taking time to respond, Hi, sorry for the inconvenience, he mounted the circuit and it does not work for me, doubt that I have a diode mode in the leds, I think it's in the polarity, you could orient me please, I beg you patience with my ignorance.Thanks and greetings, Hello, solved and working, incredible sound, thank you for your patience and help.regards. (To be fair -- for some reason the PCB holes are square for the positive sides of the electrolytics. I would assume the 10k is the bias resistor for both cases. Simple theme. The Hoof has become the go-to fuzz for many well known fuzz connoisseurs. Great job on the verification. Sorry! EDIT: for all those that want to make a Hoof Reaper we have a layout for the octave section, as it's the Tentacle. Autocorrect!!! This probably won't make a difference, but its labeled as Linear on the real pedal's pcb. I'll mark it when I get home from the lab. Cannot find a 100 log pot. Built the board, tested it without the footswitch. Thanks. Enjoy the builds and please also visit us on. No the AC128 is PNP. Tried with 10nf and 4.7nf with the 1N4148 and its a bit too bassy for my liking. I also tried a 2N1308 with an HFE over 100 but the MP38 actually sounds a lot warmer and is quieter too. Having trouble scaling a PCB transfer image? controls. Nice early Zeppelin/Sabbath type tones and straight up stoner with higher gain and tone settings. Thanks. For voltage and ground follow the offboard wiring diagram in the General Layout Notes tab. it's whatever you like to use for your indicator LED, which is normally off board, but since there was space i put it on the board. I just built this board and it sounds great, except when I turn the fuzz all the way up it feeds back. As I see it this is an error or a less effective BMP tone stack. The tone control shouldn't be all that subtle. Hope this helps someone. at this time). Had the 1uf at the top soldered to the power rail and not the rail below. Those brands that do not have two or more layouts on the site are grouped together in the "Misc." Any suggestions for components to focus on? Check the schematic. I've been switching out values for both the 471J slot (as you suggested) and the 103J slot, and getting plenty of different results. Didn't have any AC176s so used AC127 with Hfe of 112 and 0.79mA leakage. Seriously though, I get my vero from tippikat on ebay, but have no idea where to score some good perf. Compared to the green ringer, I think that's the only difference. correct the line on D1 is on the power rail (top row). Its probably more like a combination of the 10k and the 30k. BC549C, BC550C, 2N5088, etc. I built this a while back, and really really like the "Reaper" side of the pedal, however the "Hoof" side is very dark no matter where I put the shift and tone knobs. The Tone Reaper will For the germanium transistors, originals use an AC176 in the Reaper side and 1N1308s in the Hoof, but others can (and have) been used, so socket and experiment. And thanks for all the layouts! If this does not solve the problem I'll post some pics on the forum. Any suggestions? I get asked frequently about where to buy components from, and I know a lot of people, like me, have got together a huge stash of parts so t... Not all these layouts are verified and some are put together from unverified schematics. I tried a higher HFE - over 90 - but prefer the sound of the the 80. It is BMP. That will make a difference because of how the change happens. From Schematic to Stripboard September 2012 © Updated 23rd September 2012 A lot of people have asked... A few people have commented on posts asking about offboard wiring. I built this, sounds good but output is dropped quite a bit from normal, say 25%. Be mindful of the fact that Si transistors usually have much much higher hfe than Ge. 4) can be operated with a 5-6 hp engine, whereas, tractor operated reapers (Fig. What does the tone controll do? Changed that and *boom* works like a charm. Clockwise scoops the mids and counterclockwise enhances the mids. layout has been updated to reflect the diode orientation as it is on the PCB board. Jun 8, 2020 - Explore Oliver Hurrell's board "Electro Pedal Board Schematics" on Pinterest. as travis noted, you may want to breadboard it to test and tune, or if you're going to build the board socket D2 and try silicon and germanium diodes. But again, thanks for posting all those fantastic layouts and for the help with the debugging. What a great gift! It's also a good pot to stock up on, since it's used to often.

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