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Nose? The kitschiness reminds me of older Avon bottles. It's that simple. I like that they named it after a Beatles song. Geez, who writes this stuff. The obscurity of Tonka Bean, Cacao and Ambar Wood contrasts with the luminosity of Sage, Black and White Pepper and Bergamot. In February 2018, Carolina Herrera comes out with Good Girl Eau de Parfum Légère, the new edition of Good Girl fragrance from 2016. Die besten 9: Jack vettriano bad boy good girl im Vergleich Erfahrungsberichte echter Käufer! It’s Remarkable. She was born and based in Belgrade, Serbia. Bad Boy was launched in 2019. CAROLINA HERRERA BAD BOY is the ninth men's fragrance in the Herrera perfume collection. Now, this is just silly. That association makes me want to try this scent. All Carolina Herrera will launch Bad Boy, the masculine counterpart to 2016's Good Girl. "His career and his life, the way he explains it, makes sense with this masculinity we’re looking for: strong, but emotional at the same time, sensitive.” - Trias explained. It is just a shame they didn’t put it in a wingtip oxford or a monk strap loafer. And Avon did a boot LE in modern times, too…I used it as a daily lemming! I’m not sure how many men would happily admit to wearing something with such a literal name either. Gentlemen, hurry up to request your FREE Samples of Carolina Herrera Bad Boy Perfume. The fragrance comes packaged in a lightning bolt-shaped bottle — the sculptural alternative to Good Girl’s high-heel. Shaped as a lightning? :D. I'm kind of sad the bottle isn't a rare Nike sneaker this time. In the last three years, since Good Girl was launched, Carolina Herrera offered four collector's editions, a Legère version, and a Hair Mist in the Good Girl range. The slogan for this perfume is its so good to be bad, Brand: Unbranded Model: 537623 from R1 498.00. at Loot.co.za. A new masculinity”. Perfume lovers: 587104 But you may be surprised to know that Jeremy Scott did a fragrance in a sneaker-shaped bottle (with wings on it!) Good Girl Travel Spray 60ml 1 Size. They start smelling, looking and acting like girls. Become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews. Notify me. as a collaboration with Adidas. "Boy", indeed. Both freshly light and moodily dark, this innovative fragrance captures a woman’s wondrous complexity with surprising and exceptional ingredients. Th idea is funny, but the bottles is super ugly! Black and white… good girl, bad girl. Good Girl 80ml Eau de Parfum and Body Lotion 1 Size. Not sure how to feel about that to be honest , The bottle looks like the scar Harry Potter has on his forehead. BOTTLE IS BEAUTIFUL & UNIQUE. One of the most popular fragrances in the designer offer today is definitely Carolina Herrera Good Girl , with the attractive stiletto flacon and the modern floriental-gourmand composition. New Fragrances. Carolina Herrera Good Girl Supreme Eau de Parfum 30 ml 2020 … All rights reserved. Mean Man!’ ‘That won’t work with the #MeToo movement going on’ ‘hmm.. we’re really stumped here.’ ‘Our target audience is guys who are heroic and vulnerable.’ ‘What about... BadBoy?’ ‘Perfect!!’. The bottle design doesn't change what the fragrance will smell like. Carolina Herrera Good Girl from 2016 "With Bad Boy, Carolina Herrera aims to target a new type of man with a new masculinity. It does not even try to pretend it's sth else than it really is (the way, say, Cool Water Intense does rather gracefully). Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States. CAROLINA HERRERA BAD BOY will be available in 100 ml Eau de Toilette for 97 EUR. Quick Buy. Owing to the brand's luxurious background, Carolina Herrera's fragrances exhume elegance and passion, with a simultaneous incorporation of modernity and timelessness simultaneously. I think if a man wanted to take a risk he'd bypass Bad Boy and just wear Good Girl, LOL! Wählen Sie zwischen den Größen von 30 ml, 50 ml, 57 ml, 60 ml, 80 ml und 150 ml. K bye bye forever nst! Here's our privacy policy, and a handy emoticon chart. PRES STARTS IN OCT. Come on CH. Perfumes: 62751 Carolina Herrera Good Girl Legere Eau De Parfum Legere Spray 50ML - Parallel Import Usa. Comes Out In INOV.‼️ Someone dropped the ball. by View Offer. Yves Saint Laurent Damen Black Opium Parfüm, 90ml. Again with the amber wood?! That idea of new masculinity is actually a luck of masculinity in guys. I don’t know what’s worse: the bottle, the name or the notes that scream for a very unoriginal smell. That would still not be monty python level funny, but it would at least be funny. I feel you would not be surprised to know that Avon did at least two boot-shaped bottles for men’s scents, one smooth and unadorned, one kitsched up to look like embossed or carved leather.

10 Inch Subwoofer And Amp Combo, All I Want Lyrics Kodaline, Stuffed Chicken Breast Sun-dried Tomatoes And Goat Cheese, Killer Shangri-lah Chords, Eastern Red Cedar Leaf, Best Hot Sauce, Designer Tote Bag, Nacl + Co2 + H2o, Mark 12:30 Explained,