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deciduous azaleas uk

Good scent, flowering in May. Habit: upright. Recommended for... A stunning plant featuring flame orange flowers with a warm yellow flare and slightly frilled petals in trusses up to 65mm across. One of Donald Waterer's later hybrids but still rare. Parentage:... Lovely deep yellow double flowers, tinged purplish red flowering in late May. A lovely old species that has become naturalized in parts of the British Isles and was very important in the development of the Ghent hybrids. A tough compact plant with small leaves. Requires a fairly sunny position. Easy to grow. Height 125-150cm in 10 years. Gorgeous autumn colours. Parentage: unknown. Raised by Ted Millais at Crosswater Farm, particularly to extend the flowering season. Recommended for striking flowers. Requires a fairly sunny position. It has a compact habit and lovely deep green glossy leaves. Ideal for mixed borders. £14.96 each ex VAT Varieties marked * are scented. Parentage:... A striking NEW variety with stunning large glowing fire red flowers in May. Azaleas need moist but not wet soil. Ideal position: most garden... Large brilliant yellow flowers with vivid yellow spotting. Absolutely stunning and still one of the most popular highly scented yellow azaleas. Height 125-150cm in 10 years. Flowering in June, the flowers are up to 50mm in trusses of 7 to 9. Group:Deciduous Azalea (Northern... (H6) Pink in bud, opening to white flowers blushed with deep pink margins, and well marked speckling of orange-yellow on the upper lobes. Millais Nurseries. Recommended for beautiful scented flowers. Easy to grow. Best time to do this is immediately after flowering. Flowering May - June this deciduous azalea has good autumn colour. Most deciduous azaleas have good Autumn colour. Good autumn foliage colour. Azaleas need acidic or peaty soil. Origin: British. AZALEA CROSSWATER RED (EX) One of the reddest azaleas. The Mollis and Exbury hybrids are well-known, but the species are becoming more and more popular with their subtle, often scented flowers. Recommended for lovely scented flowers. May. Parentage: unknown. Bright yellow flowers in June with good autumn colours. Stunning scented coral pink flowers with a prominent yellow orange flare. Easy to grow. Parentage: unknown. Recommended for outstanding yellow flowers. Dont plant them in clay, but instead used raised beds or plantings on top of the clay soil. Height 150-180cm in 10 years. Raised by Denny Pratt, famous for his late flowering azaleas. Rarely for sale elsewhere. The most popular azalea species. Slower growing than the other groups. Height 150-180cm in 10 years. Group:Deciduous... (H5) Red in tight bud, opening through deep pink to deep double golden yellow flowers, turning soft pink as they mature. This deciduous azalea has fantastic reddish foliage, especially in autumn. Height 150-175cm in 10 years. An old favourite, and always extremely popular. The most popular azalea, very free-flowering from a young age and fairly compact/slow-growing. Bred by: Waterer (Knaphill). AZALEA OCCIDENTALE X ARBORESCENS (OC) * Scented pale pink, late. Azaleas need moist but not wet soil. Early growth needs protection. (H6) Golden yellow with a darker center on the upper petal, star-shaped, fragrant flowers in May. A showy plant from Lover's Lane, Exbury Gardens. Hybridization date: pre 1900 (1888). They dislike shade, which inhibits their flowering potential, and grow best in full sun. Easy to grow. Very beautiful deep rose flowers 3-4cm across appear with the leaves in April - May. molle X occidentale. Hybridization date: pre 2000 (1951). Recommended for large flowers. ‘CRESCENT CITY DOUBLE’ form with double flowers. Autumn colour. Best in light shade. Easy to grow Phone: 01738 860260 Email, The Cafe is OPEN from 9.30am (10am Sunday) to 4pm Last orders for hot food 3pm, Soup 3.30pm, Coffee & Cake 4pm, Phone: 01738 860265 Email, Glendoick Garden Centre, Glencarse, Perth, PH2 7NS. VISCOSUM (VIS) pink to white scented flowers. One of the later introductions from Exbury, and part of their 'Solent' range of Deciduous Azaleas. Habit: upright. Group:Deciduous Azalea (Knaphill hybrid). Bred by: Exbury. Group: Deciduous Azalea (Exbury hybrid). It flowers about a week earlier than most Exbury type azaleas, so it's lovely in starting the Exbury azalea flowering season in mid May. Group:Deciduous Azalea (Exbury hybrid) Very pretty rose pink flower with deeper markings and a yellow flare. Hyde. Most deciduous azaleas are very tough (H5-6) and wind/exposure tolerant. Recommended for stunning scented flowers. PLEASE ONLY ORDER IF YOU HAVE GOOD ACCESS FOR LORRY DELIVERY. Bred by: Waterer (Bagshot). Parentage: unknown Recommended for beautiful and highly scented flowers. AZALEA CANADENSE H6 Small frost resistant purple flowers in early May. Easy to grow. This is another wonderful Denny Pratt hybrid. Ideal... A very pretty flower 65 - 75mm across in a domed truss of 10 to 12 flowers that is a strong reddish orange with orange yellow mid-rib and a prominent vivid orange blotch. The same plants are £15.95 each when bought as singles, so this is better than 'buy 3 and get one free'! An excellent recent introduction that was bred at the University of Minnesota. Cultivation and Soil for Deciduous Azalea. Easily grown and good for naturalising. AZALEA PERSIL (EX) Fine large-flowered white with a yellow flare. Parentage: unknown A distinctive plant that is proving very popular. The flower bud clusters are then displayed at the ends of most branches – gradually swelling to burst into full flower in late spring – often scented. Ideal... NEW! Ideal for outstanding autumn foliage. Parentage:... Dennys White has lovely white flowers with a faint yellow flash in mid June. Recommended for stunning flowers. Flowering in May - June, semi double flowers up to 85mm across appear 13 per truss. Azaleas, Ken Cox, Glendoick from Glendoick on Vimeo. Hardiness H5-6. One of the finest azalea species. This bulk deal will need to be delivered... NEW and launched in flower at the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show, 2015. This plant was given to David Millais by the late Jack Harrington. AZALEA DELICATISSIMA (OC) * Cream, tinged pink, yellow flare, scented. AZALEA SOIR de PARIS (VIS) * Pale pink with orange throat, lightly scented. One of the best white scented species. Easy to grow. Parentage:... Small pale yellow fragrant flowers with an orangey blotch. May-June flowering. . Height 120-150cm in 10 years. Parentage: 'Scarlet Pimpernel' X 'Favor Major' A superb late flowering scented variety with shades of reddish pink and pinkywhite, with a yellow blotch. Bred by: D. Pratt. AZALEA VISCOSUM* H5 (swamp honeysuckle) Sweetly-scented small white flowers in June-July with a fine scent. Group:Deciduous Azalea (Knaphill hybrid). Beautifully scented, the flowers are up to 65mm across in May - June. A superb introduction from New Zealand. Recommended for beautiful scented flowers. Recommended for striking scented flowers. Easy to grow. Hybrid Deciduous Azaleas. Height 150cm in 10 years. Compact and spreading, fine  colour. Parentage: viscosum X 'Koster's... NEW! Hybridization date: pre 1950 (1948). AZALEA VASEYI H5-6 Lovely pink flowers in April-May. Recommended for stunning flowers and autumn colour. Group:Deciduous Azalea (Pratt hybrid). Height 150-180cm in 10 years Group:Deciduous Azalea (Knaphill hybrid). An excellent introduction from Hans Hachmann in Germany. Sometimes it is lightly fragrant. Deciduous Azalea Golden Eagle – deciduous azaleas uk. Easy to grow. Easy to grow. Easy to grow. Easy to grow. The neatest and most compact deciduous azalea species. Parentage: unknown Most of the UK has acid soil. Habit: upright. Height 120-150cm in 10 years. How to Plant and Look After Deciduous azaleas. A striking Knaphill azalea. Ideal... Wickedly dark red in bud, opening to large deep orange-red flowers in late May and early June.

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