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We hope you will continue to look to us for future career opportunities. It just takes preparation. We continually strive to improve our workplace and your input is valuable. Ask a Travel Nurse: Should I have a travel nursing contract checklist? The recruiter does make a world of difference and if they're clueless, you're jobless. This was NOT why I had just spent countless hours researching housing deals and NOT why I had just given the Extended Stay America my credit card number to hold my 90-day booking. Then, 4 days before the start date I get an email from the hospital saying Im orienting to 4 different units. It is unheard of in the this industry to only have ONE DIRECTION of your flight travel covered by your company. There is a lot of favoritism within the office. Sorry that does not work for me, I expect fair compensation and don't nickel and dime me. Had an awesome experience with CC. You responded with, "Oh, yeah... that's right but I really would hate for you to lose that stipend. We ended our discussion with the agreement that you would have my contract rewritten and contact me in a few days time.Three days later, on July 18th, you called me. I called you directly after I hung up with Extended Stay America. The recruiter and staff can do and say anything they want, and I realized the corporate office chooses to ignore issues instead of addressing them! Came from the west coast of Florida to Cedar Sinai in LA for a 13 week contract. You just aren't going to make good money up there if we take that away." I stayed with them for a year, did not even offer a bonus for all the contracts, no travel re-imbursement coz that was not discuss on my application. I understood what I was getting into when I became a travel nurse, and finally l and ing on Cross Country was the best thing that happened to my career. I've done 4 previous assignments in Alaska and no one has ever expected me to drive my own car such a distance, or has refused to pay my cab fare to and from work each day. She always looks out for my best interest and does whatever she can to work with me. Surprised at negative reviews.Worked for them for almost four years and was a great experience.Been traveling for 16 years . The most enjoyable part of the job is You get to move every few months. We are very sorry to hear about your experience with us, as it does not reflect our intentions or expectations as an award-winning staffing company. They said they thought i coyld h and ke it because im an experienced nurse. Neutral Outlook. All work is done in stages by various dept. We ended our second conversation for that day with the agreement to speak again the next day. I had to explain to you, again, that I simply could not afford to pay $5000 up front for housing. Had me drive 6 states away and stranded me. None of them are completely perfect, but that is to be expected with anything. Get weekly updates, new jobs, and reviews, The most useful review selected by Indeed, Official response from Cross Country Nurses. and the support for nurses: NON-EXISTENT. You had promised, MULTIPLE TIMES over the past several days, that you would be supplying me with a check for first month's rent. Ask a Travel Nurse Answer: The things that you […], Travel Nursing Checklist Item #29: How to love travel nursing orientation, Now that you have had a good night’s sleep and started your first day out right you should be full of energy and ready to start your first day. You told me to find a place and get some quotes.That very same day (July 18th), at 3:20 pm, you called me again. Thank you for providing us with feedback regarding your experience with us. I truly believe it is the recruiter, who h andles each traveler that makes the impression. We look forward to helping you achieve all of your career goals. You don;t have to play facility politics, You can go where you want, Competitive sales driven company that promotes success. Pros. same hospital? We greatly appreciate the positive feedback and wish you the best in your career! i don't get extra if i do work extra: they sack it. Why the heck am I getting shots for a facility that doesn't need it? It comes with paid housing and a rental car." I understood what I was getting into when I became a travel nurse, and finally l and ing on Cross Country was the best thing that happened to my career. Not a lot detail of training given. I appied to and accepted a position on a med surg tele unit. This honestly didn't sit well with me, I know the money is there, they know it is but unless the nurse complains then the agency pockets the money as a little bonus. Traveling with CCN is enjoyable you can change location every few months. Never gave me one thin dime to do it, it was all done on my hard earned good credit cards and my own car. It pains us to hear that your experience at our award-winning staffing company wasn't the best. Not only had I been lied to about the housing situation, but I was now expected to pay $4800 for a 13-week rental car AND $480 (at the very least) for a one-way flight home PLUS the trip TO the assignment on top of it? AND even though contract plainly states I am to be paid, they are not paying me either..In LA with double rent and no job. Cross Country Nurse was an alright experience. its a great company. Anyone else had this curve ball thrown at them? the main reason though is the pay: there are companies out there that pay BETTER. WHAT. I have worked for Cross country on several assignments and have been satisfied with the company. I have been working at Cross Country Nurses for less than a year. Well I just got crapped on BIG TIME by CrossCountry and Medical Staffing Network. We pride ourselves on employee satisfaction and believe every misstep is an opportunity for growth. vaccines, physical exam, blood work). I moved with them. You even sent me the pay package for the Fairbanks job, although I was never contacted by anyone at the facility about the assignment. The overall company isn't awful. Each location I've worked in required different needs but overall the job is the same so honestly the work load is what really differed. If you can get housing for $1350 a month, we will cut you a check for that first month. Multiple requests for personal information, which they misplace - never mind that all of your info (social security #, address, phone number, bank information, passport, drivers license) should all be protected and not thrown about. and yes: they do lose your paperwork frequently. We are saddened to hear that your time with us was not as expected. Any other company would have honored my request without question.I have been traveling for years now, and have never encountered a situation where I was asked to pay for my own flights to or from the assignment - especially those in Alaska! I have been doing contracts for over 10+ years. They are sneaky and a ripped off. To any nurses who wants to experience traveling, STAY AWAY from this one, or you will get shafted like I did. Trust the reviews or find out for yourself. Communication between other employees in other offices usually is always rude. Horrible place. Thank you for letting us know about your experience. You told me not to worry about it. We thank you for your feedback and wish you well. I called Extended Stay America Juneau immediately after you and I hung up. I wish I worked for this company when it was a startup. No opinion of CEO. This is a great company to work for. you get to learn new things on every assignment, You get th meet new people. Home » Travel Nurse Company Ratings » Cross Country Trav Corps. They are cheap and take in too much personal information. My recruiter has been helpful and helped find the jobs I was most interested in, and the locations I have always wanted to visit. It speaks poorly of the entire organization and their lack of appreciation for the travelers who work for them.And lastly, the rental car situation was especially puzzling to me - mainly because this is an Alaskan assignment. But the shady way in which the money was pulled from my travel expenses and redistributed to the housing portion does not inspire much confidence in the way that you go about conducting business.I consider myself a very rational, and understanding person and try to give people the benefit of the doubt. god beware you get sick and call in - there is hell to be paid. I asked you if I should just go ahead and book with them, if I was able to get that price. She asked for the same documents over and over. How many vacation days do you get per year…. They added 48 new reviews on Travel Nursing Central with an average score of 96.2 out of a possible 100. We believe that every negative experience is a learning opportunity, so we hope you will reach out to us to discuss this situation further. When the office consistently meets goals every week, there's no gratitude or appreciation from management. Especially when I told you it was okay to take away my housing stipend to do so.

Multiple Regression Forecasting Excel, Just One Step - Songs For A New World Lyrics, Where Is Jesus Buried, Why Are My Onions Dying, 2017 Lincoln Mkz Price, Transfer Of Property After Death Of Father,