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can atorvastatin and rosuvastatin be taken together

What Does It Matter If You Have High Cholesterol? Atorvastatin (Lipitor) can have a similar effect on vitamin D as rosuvastatin. I have tried phytosterols and they have done nothing. While statins can be beneficial in lowering cholesterol and decreasing your risk for heart disease, you can see that there are many precautions to be considered. Please discuss with your doctor . 10 years ago I had had a bilateral mastectomy and my oncologist did not like the fact that my liver enzymes were above normal.My oncologist wanted me to stop taking the statin but my primary care physician did not like that idea. There are other measures, such as C reactive protein, the good vs. bad cholesterol etc to decide this. ConsumerLab's answer explains. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Education. High-dose omega-3 (derived from fish oil) has been shown to reduce triglycerides, a component of total cholesterol. Find out if green tea and the green tea compound EGCG interfere with the absorption of statin medications. The results for me were devastating. Learn more about combining phytosterols and other cholesterol-lowering supplements like red yeast rice or fish oil. Ask about the alternatives BEFORE automatically going along with an on-going drug perscription. My question is can he take reishi mushroom pill while he is on Rosuvastatin? How did the Lipitor folks derive their claim of 36% reduction? If the increase is only mild, you can continue to take … Find out if magnesium oils, creams and sprays, such as BetterYou, really work to help fibromyalgia, muscle pain, cramps, relaxation or sleep. I did this under my doctor's supervision and she felt it was more important to take simvastatin. CYP3A4 inhibitors, such as grapefruit, can interact with certain medications by inhibiting the liver enzyme that metabolizes many drugs. I am taking NatureMade magnesium oxide in the AM along with red rice yeast. Hi Dr. Jay - Please see our CL Answer to the question "Which supplements can help lower cholesterol and keep my heart healthy? Please check your links to Amazon from your blogspot page -- they are broken. Is this amount of this form of niacin (NR) safe to take concurrently with statins? The same applies to the use of statins during breastfeeding, since the drugs can be passed in breast milk to your baby. It has been estimated that as little as 200 mL of grapefruit juice can cause an interaction (Purmohamed, BMJ 2013 -- http://www.bmj.com/content/346/bmj.f1). Am Fam Physician. Statins should also be avoided by people with certain medical conditions or only used with caution in people with these conditions. You can only take one of those thr ... Read More. In other words, most if not all facets of cholesterol metrics are not linked to causing CHD unless certain pre-conditions exist. 0 thank. I did not want to chance the side effects, nor did I have faith in the research that the drugs, especially with side effects, were actually helpful in reducing the kinds of health risks I was concerned about. Currently taking Pravastatin 40 mg and added nicotinamide riboside 250 mg daily to the regimen. It has other energy benefits, at least for me, but I don’t know how common that is. The significance of these 2 medications together is undetermined, as they do not work on the same enzyme. Since I have always had a high HDL (over 70), and now also take baby aspirin, this seems to be the best protocol for me. They are ok to take together. Keep it up ... May see you in FL once I relocate. However, they also have the potential for drug interactions with many common over-the-counter and prescription medications and some supplements. Chief among these is liver disease. Hi Carol - Thank you for your post. Join now to save favorites and get all member benefits, including over 1,300 reviews. Be careful for long term side effects of Statins. He moved me from one statin to the next. In 2015 I started to notice I was hurting. Are there any to avoid?" Can drinking coffee weaken bones or make arthritis worse? You should always discuss this with your doctor, however another branch of research suggests taking Co-Q 10 or ubiquinol alleviates that risk.

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