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Lastly, the Blue Yeti comes with it’s own stand, so it’s a good first step if you want to jump in at the high-end and not have to worry about accessories like stands. Thanks for getting in touch. Anyway, hope that helps out Ryan – let me know how you get on! Of course, the alternative is a Dynamic Microphone. Samson Q2U I couldn’t say for sure whether the mic they have in the vid is the one being used to record, but it’s The Mouse from Blue Mics. Plus, Blues tend not to … Keep up the great work! I’d look at using a pop shield too. Mixing two different types of podcast Mics can be tricky, but it just takes a bit of work with your mixer to match them up really. I’m trying to find a good mic to use for recording two cohosts sitting at the same table, using one mic. Now for some reason I have to put my gains full and rails almost all the way to top with what I have now, not sure why, maybe you might know. This is what we use in our podcasting studio right now. Even though it’s a condensor, it was decent in a normal office room, not picking up too much of the room noise. I’ve revisited all the settings I use for the podcasts and experimented with noise removal and notch filter and managed to get my audio quality much improved, so I think I’m okay! This is one of the best podcast microphones around, just because of that – it's versatility – and the fact that it means you're always ready to capture great content. What is my issue? Hope that helps! As long as you have control over the levels of each channel you can make sure they match up ok. It’ll be a little more work than just using two of the same type of mic, but, actually, since everyone speaks at a different volume, you’d have to do a little of that type of work anyway. Hi Leesa, sounds like a brilliant project! I’m not interested in mixers because of my limitations, both in technological expertise and budget. The Best USB Microphone for Podcasting The Blue Yeti is one of the most advanced and versatile multi-patterned USB mics on the market. But, it may well work well in that situation, I’ve never tried it. 7 Best Microphones for Podcasting in 2020. You’ve hit on two of the possible solutions already, so I feel like you’re just asking for confirmation here – I’m not going to tell you anything new! Colin. Sometimes you just need something easy to use to get up and running, and the Yeti’s audio quality is just fine for nearly any circumstance! Colin, since you seem to still be generously answering question, I would deeply appreciate your input. The Yeti setup will do you just fine. We’re just trying to get reasonable volume without causing a hiss by boosting the levels. I am looking at recording some podcasts and webinars for my students in my mentoring program, and to add to my website… However I’m not really techy, so would need the most basic option! Ok, I've talked a lot about dynamic microphones and condenser microphones above – so what's the difference? Hi Laure, thanks for the feedback – glad you found it useful! It’s certainly better to have everyone using their own individual mic, but don’t let that get in the way of you getting started. And with an OTG adapter, you can use it in tandem with your cell phone to record on the go. Can you recommend a standalone mic that would work for me? I convert the GTW recording and upload it into Vimeo, then embed the Vimeo (slides + voice-over) onto a LeadPage and release as a replay. First, I record videos for my YouTube channel with a lav, an ATR3350 by Audio-Technica. For communication with the computer, there is a USB output. In her work, Mirela studies, tests and reviews the latest releases in audio, video, gaming, gadgets, and more. I personally make use of AT2100. Righ click the little speaker icon in your dock and select recording devices. We really should get together and record this conversation, as I’m pretty sure I’m the first 18 wheeler driver that has hosted, and produced solo live on the fly broadcasts from their truck……. If you have any suggestions I’ d be grateful to have them thanks Andy. Happy to help, or to try to anyway! more than 5 years old, but still working. In my experience of recording live groups, a circle or square can work well in conjunction with using dynamic cardoid mics like the SM58. The black and red color combination is extremely appealing from a visual point of view. I haven’t personally used it but I think it’s well worth the try to get this if you don’t have a microphone yet. Then you transfer the recorded audio onto your computer via a USB cable. As always, I’ve written up a guide to podcasting mixers if you’re looking to go that route. We will be in small groups (3-4 students) to record, and since this is about research, writing, and publishing (the podcast), we will be at different stages at different times. Interesting question Drew. thanks, Colin! You’ll also need to download ASIO4ALL, take a look at my video tutorial –, Thanks for sharing your thoughts on best headset. Of course, regular gamers, streamers, and podcasters like to use it as well. How does it stack up? Also we could discuss the latest blogtalk competing and up and coming technologies, surely would make for interesting radio… imho blogtalk is really an all in one, one stop shop, live hosting rss itunes feeding podcast solution, that is a no brainer, and anyone can set it up, the skype, cell switchboard, along with abilities to listen live via cell, smart phone internet, or laptop, made it simple for anybody to listen, and or download archives……just plagued with mediocre service, sound, and unreliable bandwith at high traffic show times….but for 40us bucks a month, it was a bargain.

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