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The challenge is to still be standing after eating this, without downing an entire gallon of milk in your quest to escape the torching heat. Pepper Geek participates in various affiliate programs, meaning links contained in this article may provide us a commission should you make a purchase on the linked website. They know what’s up, and this Bravado Spice Co. sauce is basically the best thing on the planet. Capital City Mild Mambo sauce is tangy and brings a sweetness when it’s added to the meat. Boasting some of the most beautiful label artwork, Queen Majesty hot sauce makes some of our favorites. We have gone through several bottles and we have backups on hand. Our simple habanero hot sauce will blow you away! This cult classic sauce pairs fiery habanero peppers with garlic, carrots, and tangerine for a bright, sunny flavor that puts it in squarely in the “best hot sauces ever” category. If you feel the need to chug milk and air out your mouth after having hot sauce, then you’re not alone—there’s a ton of us out there who want more heat, but there are some of us that want more flavor as well. For just a few dollars, you can pick up this simple hot sauce from almost any retailer. For more tasty food, check out our guide to the best beef jerky. Add in some lime, tangy green mango and ginger and the result is absolutely delicious. The heat level is also relatively low, even for non-spicy food lovers, making it a great gift for a home chef. Look at the Scoville scale—the way that heat in food is measured—and aim on the lower end of the scale if you want savory, and the higher end if you want intense heat. 8 Best Camping Grills For the Wild Outdoors (Review) in 2020, This product guide was written by Jordan Carter, Capital City – Sweet Hot and Mild Mambo Hot Sauce, Original Juan Specialty Foods – Da Bomb Beyond Insanity Hot Sauce, Bravado Spice Black Garlic Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce, I confirm I wish to sign up to the Gear Hungry mailing list, 2Capital City – Sweet Hot and Mild Mambo Hot Sauce, 5Original Juan Specialty Foods – Da Bomb Beyond Insanity Hot Sauce, 11Bravado Spice Black Garlic Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce. Intentionally delicious, unintentionally healthy – that is the motto of Torchbearer Sauces. I mean, if something is served to you in a frag grenade-shaped bottle, what are you going to expect? Read more about Cholula hot sauce in our article here. We also like the elegant and unique packaging with a fancy wax seal. You bet. In this pack, you get two sauces: Sweet Hot sauce and Mild Mambo sauce. That said, there was a nice sweet element here, but it doesn't hit the other notes—acidic, spicy, salty—in a way that I'd hope. You want heat, but you also want a bucket load of flavor in every single drop. Heat: Hot. Smokey, sweet, and finger-lickin’ good. Carolina reapers, ghost peppers, chilies, and anything else that adds some serious heat to the dish. It’s a perfect addition to the food prepared on your camping grill. Just the right amount of sweet and heat for you to keep your feet planted in your seat, and keep on eating. Carnival competes at the top of Calvin’s all-time favorite hot sauces! Do you want savory or flaming hot? That’s pretty good, and keeps things natural while keeping products sourced from right here in the United States. The Best Hot Sauce 1 The heat level isn’t too intense, so you can enjoy this in larger quantities. It’s going to kick those taste buds into line and make them sweat it out, so be prepared for some steaming breaths afterwards. Let us know any new sauces you have tried and loved! Well, it isn’t really a problem in our eyes. This hot sauce is best used as a mustard replacement. An amazing gift for foodies who like spicy food. It’s also about flavor. There’s nothing spicier and more potent than Secret Aardvark, if you’re trying to douse your tongue in a hot chili sauce that has no mercy. They’ve done something unique where the sweetness actually compliments the heat; it doesn’t overshadow it or leave you wanting more. Queen Majesty has been featured in the hit YouTube show Hot Ones in multiple seasons, and continues to be a fan favorite of hot sauce lovers everywhere. In the case of Carnival hot sauce, the hot peppers are the stars of the show. The Scoville range is 500,000 units, which is well beyond what you’re going to find at 99.9% of restaurants that claim to serve spicy wings and burning hot food. The first ingredient is mustard, but there is also molasses, onion and tomato paste. It also has carolina reapers for heat. Paired with the noteworthy wooden cap and the built in dasher top, we always keep a bottle of Cholula on hand in our pantry. You’re looking at an absolute ton of options that cost next to nothing. You want the best hot sauce, and we want the best guide on hot sauce—here we are. You need a blend of secondary ingredients beyond the heat-causing ones, such as garlic, cayenne pepper, honey, maple syrup and anything else you can blend in there. To some, that sounds horrible, but to you and I, that’s right where we want to be. Crass name aside, this sauce is exceptionally tasty. One of the original Pepper Geeks! Price: $$ Uses: Cheese & crackers, salsa, pizza. They probably could have chosen a more alluring name for one of the best tasting hot sauces out there, but hey, it’s original.

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