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2019 street glide special review

DRIVETRAIN Last year, I preferred Indian’s 111 motor to Harley’s 107. Also Read: 2019 Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight Special Review, The Street Glide Special is a big cruiser with hard-case panniers and is a guaranteed head-turner. Box GTS rocks a 6.5-inch “Gorilla Glass” screen that delivers pinch, drag and swipe functionality so you can quickly navigate through the navigation, weather, communications, and music options. Oh yeah, as usual it’s air-cooled, so there’s no radiator to try and hide. The mill carries itself with the same old-school look as the rest of the Mil-8 lineup that benefits from the return of the single cam valvetrain and convergent pushrod-tube geometry. Steering-head geometry measures out with 26 degrees of rake and 6.8 inches of trail. That’s right, even with its great mass, this bike will come out of the hole like a champ. The Harley-Davidson Street Glide Special, one of the most popular cruisers in Harley-Davidson's Touring range, gets updated for 2019. Big, bold black wheels with spokes that extend all the way to the edge of the rim, so you can roll in with style and attitude. The Vivid Black model rolls for $27,089 and rests at the bottom rung of the ladder. Stretched Saddlebags on a 2019 Street Glide Special. Brought your music on a device? 1.95 Crore, Government Looks To Define New Rules For Registering Vintage Vehicles, 2021 Ducati Diavel 1260 Lamborghini Revealed, Harley-Davidson India Exit, Benelli BS6 Bikes, Audi RS Q8 Launch Date, Mahindra Bolero BS6, BS6 Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight Prices, Auto Industry Losses, BS6 Royal Enfield 350 FI, Harley-Davidson Fatboy Discount, BS6 Suzuki Gixxer 250, Volvo XC 40, Audi Q5, Harley-Davidson Fat Boy, Mahindra KUV1OO NXT, Maserati Levante, Latest Bike Launches from Triumph and Harley-Davidson, 2019 Harley-Davidson Street Glide Special Review, 2019 Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight Special Review, Prices for the H-D Street Glide Special begin at Rs. Since Indian Motorcycle has once again become a great domestic threat to the reigning King, Harley-Davidson, I thought it would be fair to pick one for this head-to-head. (54.6 mm), Dual 11.8 in. You betcha. If it's highway cruising you're looking at, the Street Glide Special will be the perfect companion to cover hundreds of kilometres in a day, provided you stick to smooth tarmac for the most part. The Street Glide Special is impressive in every way, whether you're a fan of big baggers, or not. Add the blackout treatment that ties right into the custom culture, and you have a solid start on a proper boulevard bruiser. (664 mm), Unladen: 27.2 in. The Special just exudes all that is … In the matte grey shade, called "Industrial Gray Denim," the Street Glide Special certainly looks the part of a superhero's choice of wheels. (22.7 l) (warning light at approximately 1 gal. The new Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine is bigger than the outgoing model, in displacement, as well as with punchier output. The blackout treatment continues across the instrument panel that bifurcates the six-gallon fuel tank. All told, the Special hits all the visual high points you’d expect from from the MoCo, and I’d put it as one of the best-looking in the world. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. ), Front: 500 lb. The 2019 Harley-Davidson Street Glide Special is impressive, in every way, whether you're a fan of big baggers or not. It continues all the way down to where both meet the deep-scoop saddle that slings the rider’s butt at a low 26.1-inches high, providing you have the requisite 180-pound body mass to compress the suspension that far. As the Harley's speed increases, the volume automatically adjusts according to speed and engine noise. That means you can count on a certain amount of stability and tracking, even at highway speeds, but the trade off will come in the corners, as usual. This also returns the nosecone area to a more traditional shape than the Twin Cam ever had, and you can go ahead and pencil me in as a fan. x .2 in. Slow, relaxed cruising is what the Street Glide is meant for, if a 130 kmph cruise is what you consider 'slow'. The Special just exudes all that is badass about baggers. (Another nudge, H-D...). Yes, it still doesn't get much in the way of electronic rider aids, so there's no traction control or other fancy electronics, apart from the linked brakes with standard ABS. Getting to triple digit speeds isn't exactly quick, but then if you expect over 360 kg of mass to move with sportbike urgency then you're clearly not looking at the right bike. The Street Glide Special is a guaranteed head-turner, even when it's parked at a quiet place. The relatively new Batwing fairing provides better penetration than did the old barndoor fairing, but of course, this makes for a diminished protective pocket for the rider. The Street Glide Special has dollops of road presence, and is a big, heavy cruiser with its 362 kg weight. But the best bit is the playback from the dual speakers which offer crystal clear sound and powerful enough for you to listen to your favourite music even when cruising at 100 kilometres per hour. We rode the 2019 Harley-Davidson Street Glide Special for a few days, in the city, on the highway, and well, we can say, it's quite an experience only a big Harley can give you. Image Source:,, Javascript must be enabled for the correct page display, 2019 Harley-Davidson Street Glide Special, © Copyright TopSpeed. Box GTS is standard fitment. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for 7 Inch 2014-2019 Harley Street Glide Special LED Headlight, with Cellphone Bluetooth Controlled Multicolor Angel Eye, Road King Special Headlamp Hi-Lo Beam Projector with RGB Music Mode Halo,(Black) at Power flows through a chain-drive primary, a standard clutch and a six-speed transmission before heading to the rear wheel via belt drive. The Street Glide Special is all about relaxed highway cruising - chugging along with a nice bassy burble from the dual exhausts, and the wide fairing and windscreen providing decent protection from the elements to keep you going for hours on end, with your favourite music keeping you company. The H-D Street Glide Special may be a heavy cruiser, but it's easy to handle once you're on the move. The tires are pretty fat at 130/60 up front and 180/55 out back, so you’ve got plenty of traction to work with, and at least one safety net to protect it. Ride quality is fixed in the front forks, but Showa’s Dual Bending Valve technology make them as plush as a non-adjustable unit can be. (420 kg). The sleek 19-inch front, and 18-inch wheels are shod with low profile rubber, so going over the rough at high speeds isn't recommended.

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